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St. Agnes Review Center was established on July 15, 2003. Our aim is to offer a review program that addresses the need for nurses to have a flexible time and convenient place to study. The NCLEX-RN Review's unique feature is that it is UNLIMITED; that is, you can study for as long as need to. After all, the main goal of the center is to help you PASS the exam.  The unlimited program is individualized  so you can study at your own pace. Such a set-up helps increase your motivation and sense of responsibility; both are important factors in EXAM SUCCESS.


St. Agnes Review Center is dedicated to assisting Its clients attain academic excellence in a humanistic environment that fosters a passion for learning and, at the same time, addresses the need for spiritual guidance and strength. The harmonious integration of knowledge, skills and spirituality assure that clients studying at the center are fully prepared to meet the examination requirements for working abroad.


St. Agnes Review Center aspires to be the best review center in Cebu offering up-to-date study resources, high quality facilities and instructors and staff fully committed to providing the best service to its clients.



What is highly commendable about St. Agnes Review Center is the warm welcome of like being a part of a new family. They embrace you that you never feel out of place. The environment is homey; resources are available at hand and the staffs most especially are very friendly and accommodating. Thank you so much St. Agnes Review center family for the camaraderie & for believing that I can make it. More power to you guys I know that the center will definitely make a history with your tireless effort in bringing out the best in your reviewees and of course as proven by your high percentage passing rate.

Ms. Angelic Nicole C. Guinocor, USRN
University of Cebu - Banilad
California Board of Nursing


Cousin of mine, discouraged me to enroll in an unlimited NCLEX-RN review center because according to her, you have the tendency to be lazy and would just keep on moving your exam due to inadequacy of the topics learned, well it may be true...however I just proved her wrong. My ST. AGNES REVIEW CENTER experience enhanced my potential by deviating review from just mere study. Topics are summarized and discussed very well by top US-based faculty. They provide limitless questions and answers with rationales that resemble the NCLEX-CAT style of questioning that polished me on how to go through and attack each question being asked. They have the best staffs in the house that are more than ready to cater procedural and technical needs. Above of it all, ST. AGNES REVIEW CENTER had humbly produced hundreds of successful US-RNs for the past years. I dared to be different and it worked, after all its not those long live lectures, intensive yet expensive reviews nor those messy hand outs that can boost your chance to be a REGISTERED NURSE in the land of Uncle Sam, it's a matter of discipline, self-pacing and determination.


" Its not just a learning experience but a journey of struggle and success, after all, ships are not made for safe harbor, but built for tough and rough waves..."

Mr. Mae Rudyl D. Nahine, USRN
Cebu Doctors University
New Mexico Board of Nursing

Saint Agnes Review Center (SARC) is the most appropriate place I would recommend to those who will take the NCLEX and IELTS exams. When I first came here, I lacked the confidence to take the NCLEX exam, because I don’t have a tutor to lecture me on the nursing topics, however, the accommodating staff kept on insisting that “we can” and “we will” pass. True enough, I did pass on my first try. SARC is a dependent-independent family. We are all reviewing on our own, but we depend on each other for moral support. It offers a wide range of NCLEX and IELTS review materials, and its environment is conducive to studying. In addition, I had the opportunity to be taught by a very patient and soft-spoken tutor, who helped me improve my skill in using the English language. In totality, this center is definitely superb!
Ms. Evetha R. Olaer, RN
Cebu Normal University
New Mexico Board of Nursing


"I began looking for a review center who shares the same vision that I do. St. Agnes didn't fail my expectations. They motivated and equipped me with various techniques in learning and test-taking that I brought with me when I took the NCLEX-RN exam in Saipan. Coupled with diligence and focus towards reaching my goals, I was able to successfully pass that very challenging exam. To Mr. Pascual and to the staff of St. Agnes Review Center, Thank you! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Mr. Christopher Michael M. Chaves, RN
Southwestern University
New Mexico Board of Nursing 

Charisma Elep

Reviewing at St. Agnes was one of the most memorable and unforgetable journey of my life.I've gained a lot of friends and acquintances. I will always treasure the memories that we all had from the owner, staff, and reviewees of the center. I could not ask for more!!!!yYou are the BEST!!!!

Ms. Ma. Charisma Elep, RN
University of Cebu - Banilad

Vermont Board of Nursing

Jose Quezon

My IELTS review at St. Agnes Review Center was generally a pleasant experience for me: the staff were cordial and accommodating, the facilities and ambience were very satisfactory, and the quality of the review materials was adequate.  Our instructor, Ms. Maria Regina Dulay, was highly competent and particularly nice, and she always motivated the reviewees to excel.    The two-week review course was sufficiently intensive and has equipped me to take the IELTS exam with confidence and optimism.

Jose Emmanuel P. Quezon


I had my review at St. Agnes Review Center for roughly 2 months before I took my NCLEX. These two months were really tough considering that I was working as a Clinical Instructor plus currently taking my Masters at that time. But with fervent prayers & diligence, I successfully passed my exam! Thanks to S. A. R. C.! Their flexible review program definitely works even for the working professional planning to take the NCLEX!

Gilbert C. Endriga, RN
Velez College
New Mexico Board of Nursing

Reviewing for the IELTS exam at St. Agnes Review Center was a wonderful experience for me.  We had great materials to work with, and our instructor helped us enhance our English and formulate relevant and interesting answers to the various tasks that we had to do in the IELTS exam. Although I haven’t taken the IELTS exam yet, I feel confident about passing it when I do take it in the near future. I have already recommended St. Agnes Review Center to several of my friends who intend to take the IELTS exam and are activitely searching for a place to prepare for it. All I can say is once you enter St. Agnes Review Center, you are assured of success - of passing the IELTS exam. God bless to St. Agnes Review Center.

Denise Jane Lanorias

I have learned so many things from studying at St. Agnes Review Center: a sense of responsibility – because I had to rely on myself to find the answers to my questions; discipline – l learned to sit at the computer for extended periods of time - an important ability as the NCLEX can take up to six hours to complete; but, most of all, I have learned many examination-taking techniques and the medical knowledge needed to pass the NCLEX exam. 

The advantage of having the review course on DVD format allows students to replay any lesson over and over until the lesson has been mastered.  In addition, the course contains the latest questions and formats that closely resemble those that appear in the NCLEX exam! 

Another benefit to studying at St. Agnes Review Center is the resource center with the most up-to-date materials available to students; students therefore do not need to buy any books if they wish to study any topic in depth.

Words are not enough to express my deep gratitude to the center.  I would say that the Lord has sent me here.  Hard working people deserve the brightest review center and that’s St. Agnes Review Center, home of NCLEX passers.

Lorelie C. Pardillo, USRN
Southwester University

Tel # +63.32.255-4434 (TF) | +63.32.254-9694
Rooms 220 & 215 , Raintree Mall, 528 General Maxilom Ave. Cebu City Cebu