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The history of PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL is a story of a grateful Bishop and three Sisters. In June 30, 1936, to answer the urgent plea of Msgr. Gabriel Reyes, Sister Teresa de Jesus Fernandez, Sr. Carmen Artiaga,and one young professed Sister-nurse found the beginning of the Holy Child Hospital . The pioneering sisters gave the dilapidated wooden house near the Archbishop’s residence
asemblance of a hospital, where they ministered to their poor patients who could only afford to give vegetables, chicken and fruits in exchange of their hospital bills. Just when the HOLY CHILD HOSPITAL was budding forth a promise of expansion, the conflagration of war broke out and it swallowed in its flames the small hospital. On December 27, 1941, the Sisters had to evacuate to Danao with some of their patients and were housed by Atty. Durano. There, they carried on with their ministry to the sick and childbearing mothers. It took a long time for Mother Alice, SPC, the Provincial Superior, to locate the Sisters for they shifted locations. Once found, the seven Sisters made a grueling and perilous sea journey to Iloilo City in a Japanese cruiser, where they were housed at St. Paul ’s Hospital until they were dispensed to the different houses of the community. In 1950, the Archbishop of Cebu, Msgr. Julio Rosales, requested the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres to return to his archdiocese, and Sr. Josephine represented the first batch of returnees. Prominent families of Cebu rented for the Sisters the government owned Library at Jones Avenue for a nominal fee of P50.00. Manuel de Veyra, M.D., helped in the negotiations, and served as Medical Director for seven years. With the rebirth came a new name: PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL.

A great number of patients kept pouring in. The hospital needed expansion that became the immediate concern of the new administrator, Mother Charles de Jesus, SPC. With due consultation, the land was purchased and on June 13,1958 the construction started. On July 26,1958, the cornerstone was blessed and on April 5,1959, His Excellency, Msgr. Esteban Montecillo blessed the 100-bed capacity hospital. Since then, PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL remaining true to its humble beginnings and urged by the founders to care for the sick and the under-privileged, has opened its doors to all, regardless of creed, race and status.

With the advent of the new millennium, waves of innovations swept PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL to unprecedented heights. On March 19, 2001, the ground breaking of the SPC Medical Specialty Center took place in the lots adjacent to the Cebu Heart Institute that the administration had recently purchased. This 7-storey
building houses the Cebu Cancer Institute, the Advanced RehabCare and Sports Medicine Centre, Nuclear Medicine, the ACES & PSH Eye Referral Center with an Adjoining Eye Surgicenter, the Varicose Center, Dental Center, Doctors Clinics, etc.

PERPETUAL SUCCOUR HOSPITAL at present, is a 240-bed capacity, tertiary training and education facility, committed to the truest expression of Catholic values and is recognized for its tradition of medical innovation and leadership in various specialties. The state of the art care is matched by its commitment to service; its unhesitating outreach to those in need, where the enduring values give life to this momentous history, are incorporated into the very fiber of the institution and its employees; where leadership inspired the tremendous growth of its missions.

This transformation of PSH into what it is now, is a combined effort of love, of commitment to service, and dynamism of the very people, mostly, the SPC Sisters in
the Administration, who revitalized their sense of purpose, under the leadership of Sr. Zeta Caridad R. Rivero, SPC, in collaboration with the Medical Staff and

Sr. Santaniña Maria Bernaldez, SPC, currently PSH's Hospital Administrator, continues the legacy, upholding Perpetual Succour Hospital as one of the country’s world-class and highly specialized health care system in cardiac, cancer, kidney, and physical rehabilitation, uniquely recognized for its tradition of excellence, technological leadership, compassionate and holistic patient care.


We envision PSH as a Christ-centered, dynamic healthcare institution committed to providing holistic quality healthcare to all.


  • To proclaim God's love to all
  • To value life and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • To deliver holistic quality healthcare
  • To provide opportunities for the total development of our health caregivers
  • To pursue excellence and value innovation to offer globally relevant services


Trunkline/Information: +63.32.233-8620
Emergency Room: +63.32.232-2461
Admissions: +63.32.232-2437
Finance Management and Services (formerly Business Office): +63.32.232-2423
Pharmacy: +63.32.232-2436
Heart Institute: +63.32.232-2494
Cancer Institute: +63.32.233-9399
Kidney Service: +63.32.233-8620 loc. 124
Advanced Rehabcare and Sports Medicine Centre:
Nuclear Medicine: +63.32.233-9088


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Tel # +63.32.233-8620
Gorordo Ave., Lahug Cebu City Cebu