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Cebu Belmont, Incorporated is the largest non-traditional hardware shop in Cebu.  It boasts of an inventory of 40,000  items, over a thousand leading brand names. The span of our products cover the most basic items for manufacturing to the more advanced or sophisticated tools/machinery needed by small, medium to large scale manufacturers.  To date,  the company accounts to close for a thousand institutional customers who are supplied items on a regular basis.

Innovation, The Heart of Growth

From the humble beginnings of the company to the astounding growth in terms of assets, volume of transactions and customer base, the company has maintained the basis for its achievement innovation.  This is a radical departure from the traditional ways of selling
hardware items.  The key to continued improvement is to continually respond to the growing needs and demands of its clients.  The company has always believed that growth
can only be achieved if the customers are always kept in mind.

Among the innovations initiated by the company include:

  • CBI Store display area provides the customer with hands-on access to over 40,000 items.  The interactive mode provides for faster  sales and better customer satisfaction.
  • Point of Sale Counter provides for a significant reduction in the time duration of cash transactions due to bar coding.
  • Credit Counter serves regular clients with active charge accounts.  The friendly but professional sales assistants facilitate  transactions and allow for a more personalized service.
  • After Sales Service for power tools and machines intends to provide regular maintenance and care for industrial  equipment.  To ensure continued uptime for the tools and machines while drastically reducing downtime, the service aims for continued and uninterrupted use.
  • Excellence, Our Standard of Service

    The company is staffed by a group of young but competent professionals that aim not only for customer satisfaction.  Instead, the  company believes that service excellence is the standard.  Affirmation that the customer is most valued.

    To achieve service excellence, the company invests in human resources development. 
    The trainings are all aimed at having  technically competent staff members that are able to provide the most professional service. 
    Proff to this commitment is the establishment of a training room that has become permanent venue of the trainings conducted for the staff.

    Tel # +63.32.346-4268 to 70 | +63.32.346-1262 (TF) | +63.32.346-1143 | +63.32.343-6246 (F)
    Belmont Bldg. MC. Briones St. Highway Mandaue City Cebu