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Central Visayas Finance Corporation

Our Financial Services

The Personal Loan Program

Is a multi-purpose loan facility made available to employees of companies enrolled in the program.  Qualified to join the program are companies profitably operating in the last three (3) years with a minimum number of one hundred (100) regular employees.  Loan payments are made via salary deduction and are remitted by the employer-company to Central Visayas Finance Corporation within five (5) business days from payroll date.

Minimum                                          Maximum
Loan Amount:   Php 10,000.00         P300,000.00
Term:  6 months    36 months
Interest Rate: Prevailing Market Rates

Receivables Discounting Facility

A financing facility designed to meet short-term cash flow requirements of companies without the need of a security or collateral.   It is a sale of current short-term receivables on a with recourse basis.  Collection shall be made by CVFC directly from the debtor-customer.  It is evidenced by the sale or assignment of trade invoices and/or such other negotiable instrumentalities acceptable to CVFC.

Financial Leasing

Is a better alternative to outright purchase of assets requiring huge cash outlays. The asset is made available to the Lessee for its most productive use without disrupting its cash flows.  It frees capital tied up to capital investment and increases production without reducing liquidity or working capital, increases profit without increasing capital investment, and is an off-balance sheet transaction, thereby prevents the balance sheet from being extended.

Choose from any of our Financial Leasing Facilities:
- Equipment Leasing
- Office Telecom Leasing
- Transport Vehicle Leasing

Mortgage Loan Facility

Are term loans against a property collateral with a maximum valuation of sixty percent (60%) of the appraisal value.  Mode of payment may vary depending on the financial capacity of the borrower.

Minimum of    : Php   1,000,000.00
Maximum of   : Php 16,000,000.00
Term               : 1-5 years to pay
Interest Rate   : Prevailing market rate upon draw down subject to yearly re-pricing

Borrower Requirements
Completely filled up Application Form
Signed Special Power of Attorney (SPA Form)
One (1) pc. 2x2 recent colored picture with signature at the back
Photocopy of employment contract from POEA
Photocopy of Passport
Photocopy of Allotment Slip or Allotment Certificate
Photocopy of one valid government ID (SSS/Driver’s License/TIN)
Photocopy of one (1) Utility Billing Statement (e.g. Electric, Telephone, Water, Cable, Mobile Phone)

Allotee / Co-Borrower Requirements
Completely filled up Application form
One (1) pc. 2x2 recent colored picture with signature at the back
2 valid government ID’s (preferably SSS, TIN, Postal ID, etc.)

Amount of loan based on basic salary + fixed overtime
Term of loan depends on the duration of contract
First payment after two months from date of release
Mode of payment through PDC

Available to Filipino Workers Only

Tel # +63.32.412-4010 | +63.32.255-1490
4 G Bldg. Don Jose Avila Corner Don Gil Garcia St. Cebu City Cebu