General Exclusions Applicable to All Sections

This Policy does not cover loss, injuries or damage caused by or resulting from or contributed to by the following:
  • War (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, civil war, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion, popular rising against the government, riot, strike;
  • Nuclear weapons, radiation or radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or nuclear refuse arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and any process of self-sustaining nuclear fission/ fusion;
  • Any illegal, criminal or unlawful act by the Insured or confiscation, detention, destruction by customs or other authorities;
  • Any prohibition or regulations by any government;
  • Any breach of government regulation or any failure by the Insured to take reasonable precautions to avoid a claim under this Policy following the warning of any intended strike, riot or civil commotion through or by general mass media.
  • The Insured engaging in naval, military or air force service or operations or testing of any kind of conveyance or being employed as a manual worker or while engaging in offshore mining or aerial photography or handling of explosive or hitchhiking or backpacking.
  • Any loss or expenses with respect to Cuba or a Specially Designated List or which if reimbursed or paid by the Company would result in the Company being in breach of trade or economic sanctions or other such similar laws or regulations.

Additional Exclusions Applicable to:
Medical Necessary Expenses Benefit 
Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Mortal Remains Benefit 
Hospital Confinement Daily Cash Benefit 
Compassionate Visit Benefit
Return of Minor Dependent Children Benefit 
Personal Accident Benefit 
Accidental Burial Benefit 

  • While the Insured is riding or traveling on a motorcycle;
  • Any claims involving participation by the Insured or the Insured’s traveling companion in hunting, racing (other than on foot), polo playing hang gliding, bungee jumping, sports in a professional capacity, mountaineering or rock climbing using ropes or guides, scuba diving unless the Insured holds an Open Water Diving Certificate or is diving with a qualified diving instructor, abseiling, ballooning, parachuting, paragliding or gliding (unless with additional premium and with the Company’s prior written approval);
  • Miscarriage, pregnancy or any of its complications, abortion;
  • Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury;
  • The Insured not taking all reasonable efforts to safeguard his property or to avoid any Injury or minimize any claim under this Policy;
  • While the Insured is taking part in a brawl or taking part in inciting a brawl;
  • From the absorption by the Insured of any drugs, medications or treatments not prescribed by a Physician;
  • Any medical treatment received during the Trip which was made for the purpose of receiving medical treatment
  • or if the Trip was undertaken while the Insured was unfit to travel;
  • Experimental or investigative procedures;
  • Action of the Insured while under the influence of alcohol, addictive drugs, narcotic drugs to the extent of being unable to control one’s mind. The term “under the influence of alcohol” means that the Insured’s blood/alcohol level was equal to or superior to that fixed by the law/s regulating the use of automobiles, based on the results of a blood test ;
  • Pre-Existing Conditions;
  • AIDS or any injury or sickness commencing in the presence of a zero-positive test for HIV, and HIV-related disease;
  • Mental and nervous disorders, including but not limited to insanity;
  • Venereal disease;
  • Cosmetic surgery, apart from reconstructive surgery required by a covered Accident;
  • Any treatment or surgical operation for congenital deformities and circumcision;
  • Treatment arising from any geriatric, psycho-geriatric or psychiatric condition, stress, anxiety and depression, psychoanalytic treatment, stays in rest homes, physiotherapy and detoxification, care provided by a chiropractor or osteopath;
  • Vaccinations and their complications;
  • Ophthalmological care, eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, dental care (unless such treatment is necessarily incurred to sound and natural teeth) and dentures, unless they are the direct consequence of a covered Accident;
  • Treatment for obesity, weight reduction or weight improvement;
  • Any expenses incurred for transportation, accommodation or services provided by another party for which the Insured is not liable to pay, or any expenses already included in the cost of a scheduled Trip; or
  • Any expenses for a service not approved and arranged by the Assistance Company, or its authorized representative, except that the Company reserves the right to waive this exclusion in the event the Insured or his traveling companions cannot for reasons beyond their control notify the Assistance Company, or its authorized representative, during an emergency medical situation. In any event, The Company reserves the right to reimburse the Insured only for those expenses incurred for services which the Assistance Company, or its authorized representative, would have provided under the same circumstances and up to the limits indicated in the Policy Schedule.
Additional Exclusions Applicable to :
Trip Cancellation Benefit 
Travel Postponement Benefit 
Trip Curtailment Benefit 

  • Pregnancy and its complications;
  • Pre-Existing Conditions;
  • Illnesses or disorders of a psychological nature, nervous depression, mental illness, sexually-transmitted disease, AIDS, HIV infections and AIDS-related infections;
  • Suicide, attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  • Failure to obtain required vaccinations before departure;
  • Travel arrangements interrupted by an airline, cruise line or tour operator, or an organized labor strike that
  • affects public transportation;
  • Changes in plans by the Insured or an Immediate Family Member for any reason;
  • Financial circumstances of the Insured or an Immediate Family Member;
  • Any business or contractual obligations of the Insured or an Immediate Family Member;
  • Default by the person, agency or tour operator from whom the Insured bought his coverage or purchased his
  • travel arrangements;
  • Any government regulations or prohibitions;
  • The Company will not pay for any loss caused directly or indirectly by government regulations or control, bankruptcy, liquidation or default of travel agencies, or common carrier-caused cancellation or interruption; or
  • The Company will not pay for any loss that is covered by any other existing insurance, government program or which will be paid or refunded by a hotel, travel agent or any other provider of travel and/or accommodation.

Additional Exclusions Applicable to Travel Delay Benefit

  • Failure of the Insured to check-in according to the itinerary supplied to him;
  • Strike or industrial action existing on the date the Insured applied for cover under this Policy;
  • Late arrival of the Insured at the airport or port after check-in or boarding time (except if the late arrival is due to strike or industrial action).
Additional Exclusions Applicable to:
Loss or Damage of Baggage and Personal Effects Benefit 
Loss of Personal Money Benefit 
Loss of Travel Documents Benefit 

  • Animals;
  • Motor vehicles (including accessories), motorcycles, boats, motors, any other conveyances;
  • Snow skis, bicycles, sailboards, golf clubs, tennis rackets and other sporting equipment except while checked in as baggage with a registered Common Carrier;
  • Household effects, keys, antiques, arts, collectors’ items, jewelry, musical instruments, equipment for professional use;
  • Computers (including data recorded on tapes, cards, disks or otherwise, software and accessories);
  • Eyeglasses, contact or corneal lenses, hearing aids, prosthetic limbs, wheelchair, artificial teeth or dental bridges;
  • Documents, identity papers, credit and payment cards, transport tickets, stocks and securities;
  • Perishables and consumables;
  • Baggage sent in advance or souvenirs and articles mailed or shipped separately;
  • Hired or leased equipment; or
  • Business goods or samples.
  • Loss not reported to proper police authorities;
  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear, gradual deterioration, moths and other insects, vermin, inherent vice or damage sustained due to any process or while actually being worked upon and resulting there from;
  • Loss of or damage to property resulting directly or indirectly from seizure or destruction under quarantine or customs regulations, confiscation or expropriation by order of any government or public authority or risk of contraband or illegal transportation of trade;
  • Loss of or damage to property insured under any other insurance policy or reimbursed by Common Carrier or hotel management;
  • Loss to Insured’s baggage left unattended in any vehicle or public place or as a result of the Insured’s failure to take care and precautions for the safeguard and security of such property;
  • Loss of or damage to property insured while the Insured is suffering from mental and nervous disorders, including but not limited to insanity;
  • The Insured not taking all reasonable efforts to safeguard his property or to avoid or minimize any claim under this Policy;
  • Mysterious disappearance; or
  • Breakage of brittle or fragile articles, cameras, cellular phones, computers (including software and accessories), musical instruments, radio, compact disc players and similar property.
Additional Exclusions Applicable to:
Baggage Delay Benefit 
  • Delay not reported to a competent person of the Common Carrier as soon as the Insured knows the baggage is late or lost;
  • For any clothing or toiletries purchased more than four (4) days after the actual time of arrival at the point of destination;
  • When the baggage delay occurs on the journey back to the Insured’s normal domicile; or
  • For purchases made after delivery of Insured’s baggage by the Common Carrier.
Additional Exclusions Applicable to:
Personal Liability Benefit 
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage to any Insured;
  • Property owned by the Insured or property in the care or custody of, or control by, the Insured;
  • Damage relating to any liability assumed under contract;
  • Damage relating to the willful, malicious or unlawful act or omission on the part of the Insured;
  • The ownership, possession or use of any vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, firearms or animals, or arising from the negligent supervision and vicarious liability for the acts of a minor in connection with the former;
  • Past or present business, trade or professional activities, including the rendering of or failure to render business, trade or professional activities;
  • Any criminal proceedings whether actually convicted or not;
  • The transmission of communicable disease by an Insured;
  • The possession or use of any controlled substances/drugs unless prescribed by a licensed Physician;
  • Sexual molestation, corporal punishment or physical or mental abuse;
  • Pollution which includes the alleged or potential introduction of substances causing the impurities or harmful effects to the environment. The Company shall have no duty to defend any suit in connection with such pollution, and judgments which are not in the first instance delivered by or obtained from a court of competent jurisdiction within the Philippines;
  • Loss of or damage to property insured while the Insured is suffering from mental and nervous disorders, including but not limited to insanity.
Additional Exclusions to Accidental Dental Expenses Benefit
  • Any expenses relating to any treatment for Bodily Injury where such treatment was first sought more than sixty (60) days from the time the Bodily Injury was first sustained.
  • Any expenses incurred for dental care (unless such treatment is necessarily incurred to sound and natural teeth) and dentures unless prescribed by a Physician for the treatment of Bodily Injury.
  • Any expenses relating to any treatment not prescribed by a Physician.
Additional Exclusions Emergency Mobile Phone Charges Benefit
  • telephone calls made via standard land line; or
  • public telephone using international calling card.


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